Welcome to Ron Grassmyer Auctioneering. Ron has been serving Mifflin County and surrounding areas since the 1960’s.

We are experienced in many types of auctions and work hard to make your auction experience as enjoyable as possible. We rely on our reputation as advertisement for our business and pride ourselves on honesty and dedication to pleasing our customers.

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Services: We are a full service auction business and handle a variety of types of auctions. Typical auctions that we conduct include estates, household merchandise, antiques and collectibles, real estate, tools and machinery, guns and fishing equipment and vehicles. Different situations call for different levels of involvement. Depending on your situation and circumstances, as well as the merchandise you want to offer for auction, we adapt our services to you. Services include consultation, packing and moving of merchandise, preparing items for auction, providing all auction help, arranging for any outside services, if needed, and advertising your auction. Ron is also certified to appraise your items. We understand the wide array of feelings and emotions that can accompany liquidating your personal property or the personal property of a loved one and treat your merchandise with the utmost respect. When you trust us with your merchandise, we treat it as our own.

Consultation: Many people that contact us are unfamiliar with the auction process. We are happy to speak to you about the auction process and the best way to sell the merchandise you have to offer. Our goal is to make your auction experience as easy and relaxing as possible. Please do not hesitate to ask questions if there is something you don’t understand or are unsure about.

Packing of merchandise: When needed we are able to pack your merchandise and move it to our facility. We carefully wrap your items and pack them in boxes, in preparation of moving them to our facility.

Moving of merchandise: Whether you pack your items or we do, we are equipped with trailers to move your merchandise to our facility. Moving of auction merchandise typically occurs 1-2 weeks before your scheduled auction. In some situations we are able to store your items temporarily at our facility if your auction is scheduled for a future date. Please note that we try our best to work with you in cases of rental property and needing to move items from the property, but because of limited storage space, we are not always able to store your items prior to the auction.

Sale preparation: When holding your auction at our facility, we handle all unpacking and setting up of your merchandise. When conducting on site auctions we are available to guide and assist you with setting up your auction.

Auction help: In most cases, we provide all auction help, including clerks, cashiers and runners. These services are typically included in our price of conducting your auction.

Arranging of outside services: In some circumstances services from outside providers are needed. This may include arranging for a lunch stand and restroom facilities for on site auctions, contacting a notary public for the transferring of vehicle titles or putting you in touch with a lawyer for the sale of real estate.

Advertising: Advertising is one of the most important aspects of preparing for an auction. We do our best to reach out to all populations of people that may be interested in your merchandise. Sale bills are one of the techniques used to advertise auctions. We prepare, print and distribute sale bills for your auction in an attention getting way, including pictures when appropriate. We also post your sale bills on our website, as well as on auctionzip, a website used by many dealers and collectors to find items of interest. Closer to the time of your auction we take pictures of your merchandise and post them on the websites so customers can see what you have to offer. Advertising in newspapers and trade papers is also used. Because of the high cost of newspaper advertising, full sale bills are typically not used, but a shortened version that gives customers an idea of the merchandise you have to offer. We usually advertise in local newspapers and utilize trade papers and newspapers from other areas as called for by the merchandise we are selling. All advertising costs, with the exception of newspaper and trade paper advertisements, are covered in our fee.

Pricing & payment: Pricing for auctions is done on a percentage basis, plus the cost of advertising. In most circumstances, our percentage covers all other auction expenses. Exceptions may be the rental of a port-a-potty for on site sales, or services of a lawyer for real estate auctions. Because of the wide range of services we are able to offer, there is no set percentage fee for all auctions. The appropriate percentage for your situation will be discussed in the initial consultation.

There are no upfront fees when arranging for your auction. All expenses are taken from the sale proceeds. There is also no wait to get your money. Settlement occurs shortly after the auction ends!

Appraisal services: Ron is a certified appraiser. Please contact him regarding these services and pricing.


On Location

All Sales located at Grassmyer's warehouse, unless otherwise noted.  Turn off Rt. 22-522 in McVeytown, PA at traffic light intersection to Rt. 103. Go 1/2 mile across bridge & RR tracks, to top of hill to 10 Old Schoolhouse Lane. Look for sign at sale site. Inclement weather for any auction will move all auctions back one week.

Building Directions

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